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Etihad Flying Nanny

The national Airline of The United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airways, has incorporated a new service on board of long haul flights, the Flying Nanny. For all families with young children, this means peace of mind during, what can be a stressful journey. Alongside this Flying Nanny, a dedicated childcare assistance program has been created and is offered onboard and on the ground to provide families with an extra helping hand. These Flying Nannies are Etihad cabin crew and have received extra training from Norland College to take care of the youngest. Their choice of activity is very wide for a confined place like an aircraft seat and children do not have time to get bored. The Nanny is here to keep them entertained, to prepare them for bed or to give parents advice and support during the flight.

Therefore, you have more time to relax and enjoy your flight with Etihad. This service is ideal for flights going to the Middle East, the Indian Ocean islands or Asia as the journey can be a little tiring. A great way to start your family holiday.

Etihad also offers good In-flight entertainment for kids including games, cartoons or movies all classified in different age categories.

The children pack is also distributed to all children over 3 years old and contains games, activities and stickers to prevent children boredom.

Children meals are available on all Etihad flights and have been specifically designed with younger travellers in mind.

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