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Animals of Mauritius  – There are many animals in Mauritius; people like to expect there are poisonous snakes or huge scorpions… it’s a tropical country so that means small crawling bugs, flying cockroaches, birds and mammals etc…

The best interesting bird to find in Mauritius is probably the most distinct variety… the Pink Pigeon, which is one of the world’s most common to the uniqueness of Mauritius’ avian wildlife. There are 100 species of bird that come back and forth of the island, including Albatrosses, Petrels, Tropicbirds, Frigatebirds, Boobies, Herons, Flamingos, Eagles, Kestrels, Falcons, Pheasants, Quails, Rails and more. Among them, the Mauritius Kestrel, Parakeet, Cuckoo-shrike, Bulbul, White-Eye, Fody and the Rodrigues Brush Warbler join the aforementioned Pink Pigeon as ‘common’ species. Mauritius is the best place to see them all by far!

You will also find a spot of monkeys in Mauritius… Grand Bassin and Chamarel are some of the places where they can be found. In the VanillaCrocodilePark you find a big bunch held in a cage. If you see some wild monkeys around the island, make sure you stay distant and don’t feed them!

In Mauritius, the reptilian life often flourishes. The Giant Tortoises that were once native to the island have gone extinct, capable of living long life’s and hibernating in harsh conditions, Giant Tortoises had the great misfortune of tasting great and surviving long voyages. But… the world’s only remaining wild giant tortoise species can be found on the island: the Aldabra Giant Tortoise, a native of Seychelles. You can also find Skink lizards, the Ornate, UplandForest and Lowland Forest Day Geckos, and the amusingly named ‘Mauritius Accidental Gecko’.
Now for the best animals of all….Dolphins!
Everyone dreams of catching a glimpse of Dolphins or even swimming with them. In Mauritius, dolphins are found off the West coast. These majestic marine mammals love to play in the warm waters of the island’s lagoons. If you would like the chance to swim up close and personal with a dolphin then The Pearl and OrangeTeam are two excursions that organise it!

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