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This Family owned resort is situated on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, known for its natural beauty…. Cap Maison is a beautiful luxury boutique hotel, set atop a private oceanfront bluff with a great view of the sunset and clear blue waters over the Caribbean Sea….

The guest rooms, villas and suites have spectacular views of the turquoise Caribbean Sea, mostly seen from the individual rooftop terraces. There are 50 artfully designed suites and guest rooms which are all air-conditioned. 

The Villa Suites are exceptionally spacious and are fully equipped with professional-grade kitchens, spacious living and dining areas, outdoor showers and private pools, which are located either on the ground floor or on a private rooftop terrace.

The Cliff at Cap restaurant is named after its dramatic location… perched at the edge of a cliff on the end of the island! But it offers fantastic views and great, creative cuisine…a French West Indian-inspired contemporary menu based on fresh local products and fresh seafood. the restaurant serves casual breakfasts and lunches and transforms into a fine dining experience at night.

Champagne Zip Line
This is a private dock built on a shoal below the Cliff at Cap Restaurant on the water’s edge and is one of Cap Maison’s most romantic hidden spots so it’s great for couples to relax and enjoy the evening. The restaurant has wooden decking area surrounded by the surging sea over the giant reefs which are accessed by a wooden staircase near the main restaurant.

Rock Pool
Rock Maison which lies directly below the Cliff at Cap restaurant, it’s a wooden deck built on a rocky extension that is surrounded on three sides by the sea surging over the reefs.

The new Rock Pool fills with seawater as the waves rush to the base of the cliff, is tucked next Rock Maison. It has a submerged bench and is an ideal place for guests to indulge themselves while enjoying a cocktail. Three carved out “ice buckets” are also in the rocks, awaiting a bottle of white wine or champagne….

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