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Maldives Holidays

Maldives Holidays Guide

99% of the Maldives – a nation of over 1,000 islands and sandbanks – is water. Water such as dreams are made up of every shade of blue you could imagine, and then some are distilled in the crystal Indian Ocean lagoons that lap these romantic coral islands. If you’re Maldives-bound and water sports are your ‘thing’ then be prepared to go to Heaven. Oh, and there’s another ‘unique selling point’ we should mention. Escapism here is just a matter of stepping out on to your beach terrace or over water sundeck. Most Maldives hotels stand on once uninhabited islands, each with just one resort. The only crowds here are the shoals of exotic fish – over 700 species – that flourish in the warm tropical seas. Come on in, the water’s lovely . . .


Island Adventure

There are no jungles to explore or mountains to climb in the Maldives. Make for the sea. Polish your water sports skills to perfection – or acquire some new ones. We challenge you to find a more perfect setting.


Nightlife & Party with Locals

Making a case for coming to the Maldives for their nightlife would be like recommending New York for its tranquillity. Some hotels do offer dancing and island-style entertainment – but otherwise, you may have to make do with dining under the stars and moonlight cruises . . .


Gourmet Cuisine & Dining Out

The leading resorts set high culinary standards and tend to serve a range of international, Oriental, Middle Eastern and Indian dishes, with fish a major feature. Maldivian fare is spicy but milder than the food found in some neighbouring countries.


World’s Best Scuba Dive Sites

The Maldives offer both experienced and novice divers superb underwater conditions for drift diving, wreck diving, night diving and more. 70 species of coral attract a rich marine life, with large pelagics mixing easily with a rainbow array of tropical fish. Most dive sites are in the shallower reefs. Many inter-island channels also offer the excellent sport.


Family Holidays

Some resorts do not accept young children during peak season (late-December – April), but otherwise, it would be hard to imagine a more child-friendly setting than the safe Maldives beaches – though don’t expect highly organised children’s activities.


The Maldives – Sightseeing & Activities

The Maldives will disappoint culture-vultures and heritage buffs. Only in the capital, Malé is their evidence of the hand of history and footprint of time! ‘Action’? Well, there are no nightclubs or discos – except perhaps at some resorts. There ARE water sports, sunsets and stars. That’s the Maldives for you . . .


What to see


All visitors to the Maldives pass through the little capital Malé en route to or from their island resort. Should you want to renew acquaintance with ‘civilisation’ during your stay there are excursions to Malé from most nearby resorts (in the North or South Malé atolls, for example). Not a lot happens in this clean and tidy little city with its maze of small streets – aside from its 70,000 inhabitants going about their everyday lives. Explore the shops of the busy main Majeedhee Magu Street and in the local market. Wander around the colonial-style National Museum in the pleasant Sultan Park and admire the imposing white Islamic Centre and 17th century Friday Mosque which dominates the skyline.


What to do

Scuba-diving & Snorkelling

Many resorts provide sailing, windsurfing, water skiing and reef sightseeing trips by glass-bottomed boat but above all the Maldives are prized as one of the world’s best diving and snorkelling destinations, thanks to their outstanding and easy-to-access underwater life. Every major resort can offer a professional dive school (with courses for both beginners and experienced divers with daily boat trips to sites around the islands throughout the year. Night dives and special dives for experienced divers are also a feature.


Water makes up over 99% of the Maldives’ total area – so it’s no surprise that these islands boast some of the world’s best fishing grounds. Some resorts offer fishing trips on modern speedboats equipped for big-game fishing. Fishing trips can often end with a barbecue at which the day’s catch is cooked and eaten! Night fishing is also popular. Harpoon guns are prohibited.


Many resorts arrange visits to fishing villages on neighbouring islands – and to uninhabited islands, with a beach barbecue the day’s highlight. Moonlight island excursions are another magical Maldives experience.

Photo Flights

A number of resorts make it easy for you to view the magic of the Maldives in the most amazing way of all – on a seaplane or helicopter photo flight.

Dolphin & Whale-Watching

You’ll probably see dolphins on almost any boat journey here. Special dolphin and whale-watching excursions are popular, with spinner dolphins the most numerous and acrobatic and blue whales and other whale species regular visitors.


You’ll need to take a day-trip to Malé if your holiday feels incomplete without a little retail therapy. The main street presents a variety of shops offering both local goods and keenly-priced imported items. Try the market and the Singapore Bazaar for local produce and handicrafts.


Late-night revellers are warned. Nightlife at the resorts is pretty low-key – although most do have informal discos around the bar, sometimes featuring live bands. Beach parties and barbecues are popular and many resorts also have regular cultural shows. On some islands, there are a few restaurants in addition to those run by the resorts – but the only bars are those at the resorts. Even in Malé (where no alcohol is available), ‘nightlife’ is confined to tea houses and a few western-style restaurants.


The Maldives – Events & Weather

Events in the Maldives

Maldivian festivals often invoke a real sense of family, with everyone sharing in the preparation of food, decorations and entertainment. Most celebrations include folk dances, traditional songs and pop music. Many public holidays in the Maldives are governed by the phases of the moon.


The day of Hajj, Bodu Eid, and the three days that follow are national holidays and the Maldives’ longest annual public holiday. Families enjoy special meals and festivities are the order of the day, with sports, music and dance, varying in scale and style from island to island.


There are parades in the streets of Malé and on other islands on the 1st of Rabee-ul Awwal, the third month in the Islamic calendar, when the Maldives’ National Day commemorates Muhammed Thakurufaanu’s 1573 victory over the occupying Portuguese.


July 26 marks Republic Day, the biggest national event in the Maldives. Republic Square in Malé hosts the official celebrations with lively parades and traditional dances.


The three-day festival of Kuda Eid (Eid ul-Fitr) marks the end of Ramadan. It begins with the sighting of the new moon, announced by a cannon in Malé, followed by prayers and feasting. By noon each house has prepared a feast to mark the day and neighbours and even total strangers are invited to join in the festivities. Traditional, sporting activities and other community celebrations take place later in the day.


Republic Day on November 11 is celebrated throughout the Maldives, with marching bands and children’s parades,


Fishermen’s Day is celebrated on December 10 to emphasise the importance of fishing to the Maldivian economy and the livelihood of Maldivians. Savour skipjack tuna, frigate mackerel and other local fish on what promises to be a delicious occasion.


Weather in the Maldives

Average sunshine hours are pretty constant round the year and those temperatures vary only a few degrees. Swimming and snorkelling are at their best and the water at its calmest December – April. Rainfall is more significant during the south-west monsoon (May to November).

The Maldives – Honeymoons

Your honeymoon in the Maldives

Unspoilt. Uncrowded, Unhurried. Unbelievable. That’s the idyllic way of things here in the Maldives. During the treasured first days after your marriage, these islands will wrap you in a cocoon of tropical island romance and pampered well-being in which the ordinary and every day will play no part . . .Luxury Holidays Direct Honeymoon Bonuses: At selected hotels we’ll help make your stay that extra little bit special as soon as you check-in, thanks to features ranging from complimentary gifts, champagne or wine and fruit or flowers to a special romantic meal, complimentary or discounted Spa treatments and in some cases a room upgrade when available.

Making the Most of Your Stay: Choosing the right honeymoon hotel and room setting is vital. Tell us your priorities and we’ll guide you to the choices that best fit your needs.


Honeymoon Holidays Offers for the Maldives

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Maldives Holidays